St. Hugh of Lincoln Roman Catholic Church

This Week's Mass Schedule

This Week’s Schedule

Mon 2/19/18 Ferial Day

Tue 2/20/18 Ferial Day

9:00 AM Low Mass Poor Souls (Tricia Larson)

Wed 2/21/18 Ember Wednesday

Fast & Partial Abstinence

Thu 2/22/18 St. Peter’s Chair at Antioch

Consecration of Fr. Joseph Selway in Florida

6:30 PM Stations of the Cross, Rosary

Fri 2/23/18 St. Peter Damian

Ember Friday

Vigil of St. Matthias

The Lance and Nails

Fast & Complete Abstinence

Sat 2/24/18 St. Matthias, Apostle

Ember Saturday

Fast & Partial Abstinence

7:30 AM Confessions, Rosary

8:00 AM Low Mass For the People of St. Hugh of Lincoln

Sun 2/25/18 Lent II

St. Walburga

Bl. Sebastian of Aparicio

8:15 AM Confessions, Rosary

9:00 AM High Mass (+)David Heckenkamp & the

Holy Souls in Purgatory (Steve & Joanne Heckenkamp)

Holy Face Stations of the Cross

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Sermon Archive


Our charity vs. God’s charity – 2-16-18…Father Charles McGuire

The Spirit of Ash Wednesday through the Liturgy – 2-14-18…Father Stephen McKenna

The Glories of St. Paul – 2-4-18…Father Charles McGuire

St. Blaise, the Great Wonderworker – 2-3-18…Father Charles McGuire

St. Francis de Sales – 1-29-18…Father Charles McGuire

The Little Way to Great Holiness – 1-28-18…Father Charles McGuire

Our Lady of the Smile – 1-27-18…Father Charles McGuire

Prompt Succor for Daily Graces – 1-21-18…Father Stephen McKenna

Our Lady of Prompt Succor – 1-19-18…Father Stephen McKenna

Pope Marcellus I-Saint of the Stable – 1-16-18…Father Charles McGuire

Family Sermon 2 – They Have No Wine – 1-14-18…Father Charles McGuire

Simplicity – All for Thee – 1-13-18…Father Charles McGuire

The Wisdom of Silence – 1-12-18…Father Charles McGuire

Family Sermon 1 – The Home, a Domestic Church – 1-7-18…Father Charles McGuire

The Fatuiging Journey – 1-6-18…Father Charles McGuire

Vigil of Epiphany Lessons – 1-5-18…Father Charles McGuire

The Year of Grace – 1-1-18…Father Vili Lehtoranta



New Year Promises to Remember – 12-31-17…Father Vili Lehtoranta

Our Lord’s Birth and Death – 12-30-17…Father Vili Lehtoranta

St. Stephen and the Second Day of Christmas – 12-26-17…Father Vili Lehtoranta

Take the Son – 12-25-17…Father Vili Lehtoranta

King Solomon’s Repentance – 12-24-17…Father Vili Lehtoranta

Wooden Teeth to Whispers Joy! – 12-18-2017…Father Charles McGuire

The Gloria Joyful Hymn of the Angels – 12-17-17…Father Charles McGuire

Immaculate Conception and Ember Days – 12-15-17…Father Stephen McKenna

The Virtue of Fortitude – 12-10-17…Father Stephen McKenna

Immaculate Conception and The Sacrament of Baptism – 12-8-17…Father Stephen McKenna

Saint Francis Xavier the Mission Spirit for Advent – 12-3-17…Father Stephen McKenna

Saint Bibiana – 12-2-17…Father Stephen McKenna

Learning from the Worldlings – 12-1-17…Father Stephen McKenna

Be prepared – The Four Last Things – 11-26-17…Father Stephen McKenna

Saint Hugh and Thanksgiving – 11-24-17…Father Stephen McKenna

The Mass, Kiss of Peace – 11-19-17…Father Charles McGuire

Calvary, Communion, and Little Rose – 11-12-17…Father Stephen McKenna

Judas vs. Christ, Britius vs. St Martin – 11-11-17…Father Charles McGuire

Forty Hours We Raise Our Lord up High – 11-10-17…Father Stephen McKenna

Venite Adoremus – 11-5-17…Father Charles McGuire

About potholders and brooms – 11-3-17…Father Charles McGuire

Purgatory and the goodness of God – 11-2-17…Father Charles McGuire

All Saints – 11-1-17…Father Charles McGuire

The Rosary destroys heresies – 10-22-17…Father Joseph Selway

Christ the King, the Crown of Thorns, and Little Rose – 10-29-17…Father Stephen McKenna

As Incense in Thy Sight – 10-15-17…Father Charles McGuire

Rosary Confraternity – 10-1-17…Father Stephen McKenna

St Michael Soldier of Heaven and Earth – 9-29-17…Father Stephen McKenna

The World of Angels – 9-24-17…Father Charles McGuire

The Miraculous Image of The Sorrowful Mother of Quito – 9-17-17…Father Stephen McKenna

Relax God’s Got This One – 9-10-17…Father Charles McGuire

Gratitude – 9-3-17…Father Charles McGuire

Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Green Scapular – 8-27-17…Father Stephen McKenna

Keep it simple – 8-20-17…Father Charles McGuire

Mary calls us to Heaven – 8-15-17…Father Vili Lehtoranta

Humility not hypocrisy – 8-13-17…Father Vili Lehtoranta

Saint Philomena and the Saints – 8-11-17…Father Vili Lehtoranta

Transfiguration not trans – 8-6-17…Bishop Daniel Dolan

Show me what to do – 8- 5-17…Bishop Daniel Dolan

Do it yourself – 8-4-17…Bishop Daniel Dolan

Children of light – 7-30-17…Father Vili Lehtoranta

Humility conquers all – 7-23-17…Father Bede Nkamuke

Compassion on the crowd – 7-16-17…Father Anthony Cekada

Walk with God – 7-9-17…Father Charles McGuire

Saint Elizabeth of Portugal The Peacemaker – 7-8-17…Father Charles McGuire

Monks to Missionaries – 7-7-17…Father Charles McGuire

Adverse Winds and Peace – 7-6-17…Father Charles McGuire

St. Anthony Mary Zaccaria – 7-5-17…Father Charles McGuire

Just Relax! – 7-4-17…Father Charles McGuire

Gaining God’s blessing – 7-2-17…Father Charles McGuire

Men of War – 7-1-17…Father Charles McGuire

Octave day of the Sacred Heart – 6-30-17…Father Charles McGuire

Ss. John and Paul – Many Are the Tribulations – 6-26-17…Father Charles McGuire

The Greatest Joy of the Sacred Heart – 6-25-17…Father Charles McGuire

St Julianna, Corpus Christi Saint – 6-19-17…Father Charles McGuire

Heroes for the Eucharist – 6-18-17…Father Charles McGuire

Loving Reparation – 6-17-17…Father Charles McGuire

The same loving God – 6-16-17…Father Charles McGuire

The Love of the Trinity at Work – 6-11-17…Father Bede Nkamuke

The Holy Ghost, Our Divine Aid – 6-4-17…Father Stephen McKenna

St Mary Magdalene of Pazzi the Holy Ghost Saint – 5-29-17…Father Charles McGuire

St. Bede – Give Glory to God Always – 5-27-17…Father Charles McGuire

St. Philip Neri the Holy Joker – 5-26-17…Father Charles McGuire

That We May Dwell There in Desire – 5-25-17…Father Charles McGuire

St. Rita a Model in times of Disappointment – 5-23-17…Father Charles McGuire

Confirmation talk – 5-21-17…Bishop Daniel Dolan

The Holy Ghost does the work – 5-21-17…Bishop Daniel Dolan

St. Bernardine of Siena, The beauty of devotion – 5-20-17…Bishop Daniel Dolan

St. Peter Celestine, Do well for you – 5-19-17…Bishop Daniel Dolan

Mother and Mediatrix of Divine Grace – 5-14-17…Father Stephen McKenna

Our Lady, Virgin Most Prudent and St. Robert Bellarmine – 5-13-17…Father Stephen McKenna

Go to Joseph – 5-7-17…Father Charles McGuire

Speaking of Chalices – 5-6-17…Father Charles McGuire

Pope St. Pius V, Rome’s Warrior – 5-5-17…Father Charles McGuire

Patience, The Virtue Least Prayed For – 4-30-17…Father Stephen McKenna

Saint John of the Cross – 4-28-17…Father Stephen McKenna

As Is – 4-23-17…Father Charles McGuire

One Gospel two Lessons – 4-22-17…Father Charles McGuire

Saved by the Water – 4-21-17…Father Charles McGuire

Sunday the First Day – 4-16-17…Father Vili Lehtoranta

Why Easter Starts on Holy Saturday – 4-15-17…Father Vili Lehtoranta

Jesus the Innocent Victim – 4-13-17…Father Vili Lehtoranta

Palm Sunday and it’s Symbolism of the Palms and the Donkey – 4-9-17…Father Stephen McKenna

The Sorrowful Anticipation – 4-7-17…Father Stephen McKenna

Detailed account of Christ’s suffering – 4-2-17…Father Charles McGuire

Followers of the Light of the World – 4-1-17…Father Charles McGuire

Jesus, Friend of Sinners – 3-31-17…Father Charles McGuire

Persevering for the Providence of God – 3-26-17…Father Stephen McKenna

Feast of the Annunciation – 3-25-17…Father Stephen McKenna

The Five Holy Wounds – 3-24-17…Father Stephen McKenna

Day of Recollection on Naturalism – 3-19-17 – Talk 2…Father Stephen McKenna

Day of Recollection on Naturalism – 3-19-17 – Talk 1…Father Stephen McKenna

Day of Recollection on Naturalism – 3-19-17…Father Stephen McKenna

Sorrow into Joy – 3-12-17…Father Charles McGuire

Save Your Priests – 3-11-17…Father Charles McGuire

40 Days and 40 Martyrs – 3-10-17…Father Charles McGuire

The Caananite Woman – 3-9-17…Father Charles McGuire

A Catechism Lesson on Temptation – 3-5-17…Father Stephen McKenna

Crown of Thorns and Humility – 3-3-17…Father Stephen McKenna

Why we get Ashes – 3-1-17…Father Stephen McKenna

Why are we here? – 2-26-17…Bishop Daniel Dolan

Funeral sermon, Jerry Remell – 2-25-17…Bishop Daniel Dolan

Humility of St. Matthias – 2-24-17…Bishop Daniel Dolan

The missing key to the Word of God – 2-19-17…Father Charles McGuire

St. Bernadette and Devotions – 2-18-2017…Father Charles McGuire

The Angels’ Care of Our Lord – 2-17-17…Father Charles McGuire

Septuagesima Sunday, Working for The Incorruptible Crown – 2-12-17…Father Stephen McKenna

The Wheat and the Cockle Why God Permits Evil – 2-5-17…Fr Stephen McKenna

The Life of St. Blaise – 2-3-17…Father Stephen McKenna

The Great Tempest – 1-29-17…Father Charles McGuire

St. Peter Nolasco, Redeemer of Captives – 1-28-17…Father Charles McGuire

Nico Anania and Poor Souls – 1-27-17…Father Charles McGuire

The Obligation of True Forgiveness – 1-22-17…Father Stephen McKenna

The Courage of St. Sebastian – 1-20-17…Father Stephen McKenna

Threefold Theophany Divinity Revealed – 1-15-17…Father Stephen McKenna

Can anything good come from Nazareth – 1-8-17…Father Charles McGuire

Epiphany moments – 1-7-17…Father Charles McGuire

The Star – 1-6-17…Father Charles McGuire

The Gift of the Present Time – 1-1-17…Father Vili Lehtoranta



St. John, the favorite Apostle – 12-27-16…Father Vili Lehtoranta

St. Stephen the First Martyr – 12-26-16…Father Vili Lehtoranta

Christmas of Jane Moore – 12-25-16…Father Vili Lehtoranta

Lady Goodwill’s Christmas Eve – 12-24-16…Father Vili Lehtoranta

Sin the Obstacle of the Straight Way – 12-18-16…Father Stephen McKenna

Overcome Sadness with Joy – 12-11-16…Father Charles McGuire

Remember O Most Gracious Virgin Mary Pt 3 – 12-10-16…Father Charles McGuire

Remember O Most Gracious Virgin Mary Pt 2 – 12-9-16…Father Charles McGuire

Remember O Most Gracious Virgin Mary – 12-8-16…Father Charles McGuire

The Need of Daily Conversion – 12-4-16…Father Stephen McKenna

Catechism of Confession – 11-27-16…Father Stephen McKenna

The Seed of Glory – 11-20-2016…Father Charles McGuire

His Will, my peace – 11-19-16…Father Charles McGuire

Bethlehem and our Adoration – 11-18-16…Father Charles McGuire

The Virtue of Hope – 11-13-16…Father Stephen McKenna

The Divine Child Jesus of Pichincha Preserving Our Country by Prayer – 11-6-2016…Father Stephen McKenna

St Charles and the Reformation – 11-4-16…Father Stephen McKenna

I Will Reign in Spite of My Enemies – 10-30-16…Father Charles McGuire

St Narcissus and Trusting God – 10-29-16…Father Charles McGuire

Making an examination of conscience – 10-23-16…Father Philip Eldracher

Forgive and Your Sins Will Be Forgiven 10-9-16…Father Charles McGuire

St Remigius and the Cross 10-1-2016…Father Charles McGuire

St. Jerome and the Lion 9-30-16…Father Charles McGuire

St Thecla 9-23-16…Fr Stephen McKenna

I’ve Come to Set Fire to the Earth 9-11-2016…Father Charles McGuire

St Peter Claver 9-9-2016 … Father Charles McGuire

Adoring Angels surround the altar and crucifix at St. HughA Lesson on Grace; The Greatest of Treasures 9-4-16 …Father Stephen McKenna



Third Sunday after Easter – 4-26-15…Father Charles McGuire

Second Sunday of Lent – 3-1-15…Father Stephen McKenna


Lessons in The Faith – by Bishop Dolan and Father Cekada

1 – WhyWeBelieve

2 – Proof For Existence Of God

3 – Prayer, Angels, and Devils

4 – Our Life And God’s Grace

5 – Purgatory And Hell

6 – Earthly And Heavenly Paradise

7 – Mortal And Venial Sin

8 – Mortal Sin The Greatest Evil In The World

9 – Jesus Christ Divine And Human

10 – The Catholic Church Is The One True Church

11 – Religions Bottom Line Authority

12 – The Four Marks Of The Church

13 – The Double Edge Sword Of Authority

14 – Why You Should NOT Become A Catholic

15 – Baptism A Beginning Not An End

16 – The Catholic And The Holy Ghost

17 – Unless You Eat My Flesh

18 – It Is The Mass That Matters

19 – Confession The Sacrament Of Penance

20 – The Priesthood Holy Orders

21 – Sacrament Of Marriage God Made Marriage – 1 of 3

22 – Sacrament Of Marriage Sins Against Marriage – 2 of 3

23 – Sacrament Of Marriage As Our Lord Intends – 3 of 3

24 – The Last Sacrament Extreme Unction

25 – Catholic Customs And Practices