St. Hugh of Lincoln Roman Catholic Church

This Week's Mass Schedule

This Week’s Schedule

Mon 9/26/16 Ss. Isaac Jogues & Comp.

Ss. Cyprian & Justina

Tue 9/27/16 Ss. Cosmas & Damian

Wed 9/28/16 St. Wenceslaus, Duke

Thu 9/29/16 Dedication of St. Michael, Archangel

6:30 PMHoly Hour

Fri 9/30/16 St. Jerome

5:30 PMConfessions, Rosary

6:00 PMLow Mass Samuel Kimpel 

(Jeff & Nicole Kimpel)

6:40 PMHoly Face Novena, Benediction

Sat 10/1/16 Our Lady’s Saturday

St. Remigius

First Saturday

7:30 AMConfessions, Rosary

8:00 AMLow Mass For the People of 

St. Hugh of Lincoln

8:40 AM 1st Saturday Devotions, Benediction

Sun 10/2/16 Rosary Sunday

Pentecost XX

The Guardian Angels

8:15 AM Confessions, Rosary at

Outdoor Shrine of BVM

9:00 AMHigh Mass In Thanksgiving for Steve & 

Joanne Heckenkamp (J. Heckenkamp)

Blessing of Religious Articles

5:00 PM Low Mass at St. Joseph Mission

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The Altar at St. Hugh of Lincoln

St. Hugh of Lincoln Welcomes Fr. Charles McGuire!

Fr. Charles McGuire moved to Milwaukee in December 2007 to be the resident priest at St. Hugh of Lincoln Church. St. Hugh offers daily mass, weekly benediction, frequent opportunities for communion and confession, and an active parish life.

About the traditional Latin Mass

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About St. Hugh of Lincoln Roman Catholic Church

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Saint Hugh of Lincoln Church is the home of the Traditional Catholic Mass in Milwaukee. We hold firm to the teachings of the Catholic Church prior to the changes of Vatican II. We celebrate the mass following the traditional Latin Rite.

The Latin Mass as people like to call it, is the true expression of the Catholic Faith. We follow the religion Jesus Christ gave to the apostles, was preserved, nurtured and taught by the Roman Catholic Church, and which flourished up until the disastrous changes of Vatican II.

We make no compromise with the modern, liberal thinking that is so prevalent and harmful in so many of the churches today, even some of those that offer Latin Masses.

At St. Hugh of Lincoln Church we call ourselves Traditional Catholics. We follow all of the traditional Roman Catholic customs.These customs have all but disappeared in many of the Catholic churches in Milwaukee.

  • Mass in Latin including High Mass, Gregorian Chant , Incense
  • Frequent Confession
  • Reverent Communion (while kneeling, and on the tongue)
  • All the sacraments according to the traditional rites
  • Fasting 3 hours prior to communion
  • Friday abstinence
  • Benediction, Processions, Rosaries
  • Respect for the priests, reverence for the Blessed Sacrament
  • Modest respectful dress for Mass (Sunday best)
  • Respectful silence in church, reading and praying from the missal

We invite you to join us for mass and experience the mass as the saints did, and as your parents and grandparents did.

This Week’s Sermon

I’ve Come to Set Fire to the Earth 9-11-2016…Father Charles McGuire