St. Hugh of Lincoln Roman Catholic Church

This Week's Mass Schedule

(Rosary Novena Key- J=Joyful, S=Sorrowful, G=Glorious)

Mon 3/27/23 St. John Damascene (15-G)
Tue 3/28/23 St. John Capistrano (16-J)
Wed 3/29/23 Ferial Day (17-S)
Thu 3/30/23 Ferial Day (18-G)
6:30 PM Stations & Rosary
Fri 3/31/23 Seven Sorrows of the BVM (19-J)
5:20 PM Confession
6:00 PM Mass & Benediction Bp. Charles McGuire (Bob & Bridget Mueller)
Sat 4/1/23 Ferial Day (20-S)
First Saturday
7:30 AM Confessions
8:00 AM Mass & Benediction  Frs. Brueggemann, Ojeka, Okerulu, & Simpson (Bob & Bridget Mueller)
Sun 4/2/23 Palm Sunday  (21-G)
8:00 AM Confessions, Rosary
8:45 AM Blessing of Palms & High Mass Brian J. Betts (Barbara Modrzyk)
10:45 AM Confessions, Rosary
11:15 AM Low Mass For People of St. Hugh

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St. Hugh of Lincoln is served by priests that are trained at Most Holy Trinity Seminary in Brooksville, FL. The Seminary is operated by the Most Reverend Donald Sanborn. For more information on the seminary, please see the website.