St. Hugh of Lincoln Roman Catholic Church

This Week's Mass Schedule

This Week’s Schedule

Mon 7/22/19 St. Mary Magdalen, Penitent

Tue 7/23/19 St. Apollinaris

St. Liborius

Wed 7/24/19 Vigil of St. James

St. Christina

St. Francis of Solano

Thu 7/25/19 St. James the Greater

St. Christopher

6:30 PM Holy Hour

Fri 7/26/19 St. Anne, Mother of Our Lady

Sat 7/27/19 Our Lady’s Saturday

St. Pantaleon

4:30 PM Confessions, Rosary

5:00 PM Low Mass In Thanksgiving (Loretta Golimowski)

Sun 7/28/19 Pentecost VII

Ss. Nazarius & Celsus, Victor I, Innocent I

Blessing of Automobiles after Both Masses

8:15 AM Confessions, Rosary

8:45 AM Low Mass The Sandberg Family (Steve & Joanne


10:45 AM Confessions, Rosary

11:15 AM Low Mass For the People of St. Hugh of Lincoln

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Please Patronize

In order to carry on the traditional Latin Mass, St. Hugh of Lincoln church relies on the support of many good people. There are times when local business step forward to help us carry on our work. To show our gratitude, we prefer to patronize these businesses.

Custom Grown Greenhouse
920 W. Armour Ave, Milwaukee

D&M Heating and Air Conditioning
4227 S. 13th St., Milwaukee